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                        Brand Technologies

                        Ringside pioneered the combative sports equipment industry long before the sport’s mainstream appeal materialized. In doing so, it has developed thousands of training and competition products designed for one single purpose – to aid athletes in reaching their full potential. Fighters recognize that gear stitched with our logo includes built-in quality and functionality that they can trust to perform even through the toughest challenges. This has been achieved through an ongoing, conscious effort to develop new ideas, improve production methods and incorporate cutting-edge technologies. But don’t take our word for it, see for yourself…


                        Injected Molded Foam Technology™ (IMF Tech™ ) is centered on a single piece of protective foam produced by injecting a specially formulated liquid component into an anatomically correct mold. The result is a durable, shock-absorbing foam that requires no break-in period, will remain consistent over time and will encase the fist in the most natural position possible.

                        SHOP IMF TECH™

                        MPF (Molded Protective Foam) Technology™ uses specially-formulated materials and customized hand molds, which provide a more resilient and impact-reducing padding system than layered foam gloves. Our MPF Tech™ gloves provide a pre-curved, ergonomically-correct protective compartment for the most comfortable fit available.

                        SHOP MPF TECH™

                        The Gel Shock™ padding system includes specifically positioned layers of gel that supplement the foam core and enhance the impact-absorbing properties. The multidimensional nature of gel also enhances comfort for the user.

                        SHOP GEL SHOCK™

                        Quick Tie Tech™ simplifies and streamlines the hassle of traditional lace closures. Quick Tie Tech™ replaces internal eyelets with external lace channels, effectively eliminating the inconvenience of having to tighten each lace section individually. Instead, equipment can now be tightened with one, simple pull of the strings.

                        SHOP QUICK TIE TECH™

                        Flex Panel Technology™ integrates elastic flex hinges at specific positions. These panels alleviate the static nature of traditional materials by expanding and contracting with the user, thereby providing the most custom fit available.

                        SHOP FLEX PANEL TECH™

                        Dome Air Technology (D.A.T.)™ combines specially engineered foam layers with a strategically placed air pocket to disperse and minimize incoming force. The air chamber accentuates the impact reducing properties of the foam by using air trapped in the pocket as a natural energy dissipater.

                        SHOP DOME AIR TECH™

                        Quad-Layer Impact Foam System™ consists of four foam layers, bonded together to create the ideal composite for absorbing shock and maintaining the protective integrity of the glove. Each foam layer is specially designed to complement the other and when combined, shield the user from incoming energy.

                        SHOP QUAD-LAYER IMPACT FOAM SYSTEM™

                        Coil Defense Technology™ incorporates ergonomically designed foam padding that wraps, or coils around the body's natural curves, which not only provide a greater radius of protection but also makes gear more form fitting and comfortable.

                        SHOP COIL DEFENSE TECH™