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                        Fitness First Double Half Rack

                        Fitness First Double Half Rack

                        The Fitness First Half Rack is one of the most versatile and important pieces of equipment in any school, commercial, home or garage gym. It features two large walk-in areas on either side for easy access and maneuverability. It supports seated, standing and lying free weight barbell exercises including bench press, squats, overhead press, rack pulls, rows, shrugs, and many more. The rack offers a total of 30 positions for bar support, helping it accommodate different heights and exercises. A sturdy solid steel construction design allows for longevity and use in any gym.

                        • Free standing double-sided racking system built for safety and variety
                        • 12 Built-In Olympic weight plate storage holders
                        • Two large walk-in area for easy access and maneuverability, or bench workouts
                        • Two multi-grip pull-up stations for wide, narrow, reverse and neutral grip exercises
                        • 16' L x 59" W x 97" H

                        California Prop 65 WARNING

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                        SKU F1RACK3
                        Discontinued No
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