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                        COMPLETE FLOOR RING

                        SKU: CFR

                        An economical ring option that will turn the workout area into a training center.

                        › Great for training and sparring
                        › Sturdy steel construction
                        › This ring must be bolted to the floor

                        Ring pictured features optional mat branding that is not included in purchase price.


                        › 4 Corner posts
                        › Corner post support legs
                        › Floor mount ring frame
                        › 1" extruded foam padding (1.7 lb. rating)
                        › Non-slip, Vinyl floor cover in your choice of Black, Blue, Red or White
                        › 3 ropes and rope covers in Black, Blue, Red or White
                        › 12 deluxe style turnbuckles
                        › 12 rope clamps
                        › 4 Corner Cushions


                        16' - $3,250.00

                        18' - $3,500.00 

                        20' - $3,75000

                        22' - $4,250.00

                        24' - $4,750.00

                        Custom sizing available, call for a quote.

                        Most ring orders are shipped within 15 business days after receipt of payment. Shipping is additional and must be quoted.

                        Call 1.877.4.BOXING or email us to order OR to get a custom quote.