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                        Ringside Heritage Mexican Handwraps - 210"

                        100% of 100
                        Sheer length alone makes the Heritage Mexican Hand Wraps second-to-none in protection.
                        Sheer length alone makes the Heritage Mexican Hand Wraps second-to-none in protection.
                        Add to this the exclusive stretch-blend material and durable leather thumb loop, and you have a hand wrap that simply can’t be beat
                        • Specially blended-- stretch material
                        • Provides the perfect amount of support
                        • Full leather thumb loop for durability
                        • Convenient hook & loop closure
                        • Longest-- most supportive handwraps available at 210” long
                        • Anti-bacterial finish

                        California Prop 65 WARNING
                        More Information
                        SKU HMHW
                        Discontinued No
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